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The Greatest Silver World Coins. Most Beautiful Coins From Around the World For Your Collection

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Below is a list of some of the most stunning, interesting silver coins from around the world that I've come across during my coin collecting journey.

Of course, there are endless coins from almost any country that could have made this list, however this list focuses on some common coins that can be obtained for a reasonable price

Mexican Libertad

Obverse depicts view of the Angel of Independence with the Mexican coat of arms on the reverse

Canada Silver Dollar

Over the ages the obverse has depicted various English Monarchs, but this series depicts a beautiful portrait of Elizabeth II in her 30’s.

The reverse shows a voyageur and a indigenous person traveling by canoe with the northern lights in the background.

Poland 5 Zlotcych

Issued from 1932 to 1934, this silver coin was inspired by the first female monarch of Poland, Queen Jadwiga, who ruled Poland in the late 1300’s.

The radiant portrait of the queen on the obverse of the coin represents perfect beauty

Italy 500 LIra

This silver coin was minted from 1958 to 2001 and displays a bust of a stunning woman who represents Italy and emulates the Renaissance era.

Christopher Columbus’ ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, sail on the reverse of the coin in search of undiscovered land.

France 5 Francs

The woman on this coin has been known to the French people for centuries. Some even say that it was the inspiration for the Walking Liberty design on the modern day American silver eagle bullion coins.

This iconic image on the obverse of the coin is called “The Sower” and is the perfect representation of agriculture with her distinguished gait and flowing dress and hair as she sows seeds.

Possibly no other coin has had more influence on the taste of a country.

1871–1878 France 5 Francs Silver Hercules

It’s no surprise to see a second entry from France on this list. Roughly the same size as a United States Morgan silver dollar, this 90% silver coin is a favorite of vintage world coin collectors.

Hercules is one of the most renowned heroes of ancient mythology, and is depicted on many coins in the ancient world.

He made a return on these 5 Franc coins minted in the late 1800’s. Dressed in only lion skin, the masculine demi-god stands between the allegorical ladies of equality and liberty.

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