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About Me

Baby Steps to Saving And Investing for Securing the Future

Every financial decision I make is for the goal of financial freedom and living my life on my own terms. I approach the blog posts on this site with the mindset of diversified investing  into the stocks and cryptocurrency that are on the frontier of innovation and can produce life-changing returns over the long term. In addition, I recognize that precious metals such as gold and silver have been an excellent store of value for all of recorded history. I enjoy writing about precious metals and coin collecting as a hobby, for its beauty, and a timeless asset class. 

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My Story

Since graduating from Villanova University with a degree in business and economics, I have been working in investment banking for many years at some of the largest banks in the United States.


In my spare time, I put thousands of hours into researching market trends and the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency and stock markets. I publish my insights and research on this site so that others who do not have the time for research or  know where to start can have a greater chance at beating market returns.


On the side, I have been collecting coins since childhood and have accumulated an impressive collection of silver and gold coins over decades from around the world as an alternative investment and hobby.


I hope to build a strong community over time where investors can gather to discuss our passion of numismatic coins as well as our convictions for the most promising stocks and cryptocurrency. 

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